Immigrate to Canada !

Migration has become a common phenomenon in recent times with more people willing to move away from their country and settle down in another country. Canada is rated best country in the world for welcoming immigrants. It is a world class economy. People today are willing to move to Canada for work, study or for better quality of life. The reasons for moving abroad differs from person to person but the primary motive to migrate can be either for employment, studies, a better quality of life or just to expand one’s horizons.

Every year, hundreds of people turn to Pioneer Immigration to achieve their global ambitions. Our knowledge, expertise and experience in global immigration practices makes us the first choice for individuals and families seeking to build a new life abroad. Canadian passport is counted as one of the powerful passports in the world. Holders of a Canadian passport can travel visa-free to 97 countries and to another 45 that only require a visa upon arrival. 

Settling in Canada is one of the most life-changing things you can do. Some of the biggest reasons people settle abroad are:

  • Better salary and job prospects
  • Greater standard of living
  • The more stable political environment
  • Vibrant multicultural cities
  • Better healthcare and free education for children
  • Opportunity to bring more members of the family abroad

We specialize in following categories:

Visitor Visa
Investor Visa
Work Visa – FSTP
Business Visa
PR Visa – Express Entry
PR Visa – PNP

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Pioneer Immigration provides free profile check and counseling to applicants looking to migrate, work, study, invest and settle overseas.